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FRANKLIN , Indiana Swingers: Looking for casual sex? Group Sex? Something a little more kinky? How about someone you can get wild with? Perhaps a gay sex partner in FRANKLIN , Indiana ?

FRANKLIN SWINGERS For the best time you've had in a long time. Find that person, or people, that want to walk on the wild side! Put some sexual excitement into your life!

Swinger's Guide:
Whether you are new or experienced in the swinging scene, it is always nice to be able to refer some tips on how to get the best out of swinging. So, we have come up with a few tips for a swinging good time.

Placing an Ad:
When placing an ad it's best to think about what kind of ad you would reply to yourself. Good grammar and spelling count. Include as much detail as you can such as age, your body type, your sexuality, your likes and your dislikes, your area, and if possible a photograph of yourself. When you receive a reply, you should always answer, even if only to say "no thanks". Don't forget to be honest. Honesty in your description of yourself and what you really want. Honesty is prized and there is nothing to gain from being dishonest.

Replying to the Ad:
When replying to an ad, remember that most people want to know the details as listed above, but beware of photo collectors. Most swingers are NOT interested in genital shots but a full length picture showing your face would satisfy most swinging couples. DO NOT DISCLOSE your telephone number until you are satisfied that you would like to meet the advertising swinger.

First Meeting:
Most first meetings take place with a simple phone call. Speaking to all interested parties drastically reduces the chance of a "no show" or the chance of "incompatibility". Unless you are seeking a one night stand, make sure that sexual contact will only happen if all swingers are happy with the situation. Sometimes, it's good to meet up for drinks for the first meeting, then arrange another date if all agree. After all, how many people really get to have sex on their first date? Always meet where there are other people present. Do not meet with other swingers too near your home. The last thing you want is to explain to Aunt Bridget why you were sitting on a strange man's lap….

Be Honest:
If you have met the interested party via phone and finally meet the swinging single or swingling couple but thay are not to your liking, TELL THEM, do not continue with the date as it it will only lead to hurt feelings. Simply saying "Nice to have met you, but unforyunately you are not my / our type" will do. This saves a lot of time and you would be surprised at how well people will take it.

Stay Alert:
Beware of drugs and alcohol. Nobody wants to swing with people who can't stand up and you guys know the consequences of too much alcohol.

Set Ground Rules:
When all have agreed to have a swinging session, it is important to set limits. At the very least, everyone should agree that if one person in the swinger's group feels uncomfortable at any time during the session, they should be able to stop the action without any bad feelings in the group.

Respect peoples privacy. What goes on in the company of swinging singles, swinging couples or swingingers in general is not anyone elses business. If you really want to share your experience with others, you should omit or change names and dates. Think about it, would you like others to tell their friends about your swinger relationship? You never know…….

Have Fun:
Swinging is fun, and a lot of people experience the time of their life swinging. You can fulfill deep erotic sexual fantasy in a safe and loving way. Life is waiting.... Good luck!